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Dear users:
Thank you for purchasing a pretty fun digital products! In order to ensure you get a reliable after-sales service, please carefully read the following instructions:
Guaranteed under this permit is a pretty fun product dealers sold or designated in this certificate registered products;
Various elements of this certificate must be effectively completed, or deemed null and void three packs of certificates, the product information of registered products must fuselage numbers

Insured products, the actual body was consistent;
This certificate to be three bags of service vouchers, please safekeeping, missing not been replaced, when a customer in need of technical support services, please present this certificate,

We will, as required to provide you with high quality, satisfactory service;
Three packs of the following is not a range:
    1. Can not provide a valid certificate and valid invoice three packs (and can prove that the life of the product except for three bags), or unauthorized alteration of the three guarantees.
    2. Three packs of the certificate of the product model and the physical body does not match with the product number, or there is no distributor seal.
    3. Fails to product specification requires the use, maintenance, custody of the damage caused.
    4. A result of disasters, accidents, self-demolition, man-made damage or non-authorized centers and maintenance of the Company caused by failure.
    5. No name and address, date of production, product qualification certificate.
    6. Due to damage caused by force majeure.

Three bags of this product is valid: from the date of purchase (with purchase invoice date), the whole year. Other accessories (such as packaging, etc.) does not belong to
Three bags of scope, product appearance and man-made damage, broken CDs, accessories are no longer three packs of missing out. Is not within the three packs or more than three packs of period products, customers still enjoy the repair service, but need to pay maintenance nominal fee.
The certificate for the product an important basis for three packs of services, please properly preserved!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------
1. Normal warranty
Under normal circumstances the use of breakdown of normal operation, the customer to enjoy the normal warranty service.
1. Warranty period
Melody shoot digital output port: Since the date of sale, the products will be free of charge within one year warranty (excluding the warranty is not within the scope of products);


Products Digital Cameras Digital Camera
During the 1 year warranty 1 year

2. Any of the following circumstances, I will not warranty the Secretary
1, man-made damage products include:
u screen or internal parts burnt, burning crack, discoloration, bashed in, wear, and Broken Needle (feet)
u scratch the screen or internal components, deformation, rust, corrosion,
u alteration, or to repair damage caused by the product,
u product bar code label torn, damaged, blurred or altered, counterfeit;
2, does not belong to a pretty music products;
3, more than pat Merlot warranty products;
4, due to lightning, flooding, fire and earthquake damage to the product irresistible factors,
5, because the user transportation, use and damage caused by improper storage of products
3. Fee-based services
 For more than the warranty period but there is no man-made damage to the product, only the maintenance fee charged the cost of materials and parts; in the case of non-part damaged, free maintenance. If you can not buy because of spare parts or for other reasons can not be caused by maintenance, I Division will return the products and failure to stop for the product-related services


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